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The National Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IMPA) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, provides an excellent atmosphere for research and conferences. IMPA has a high standard international library that contains valuable collections, special office facilities for researchers and large auditoriums. All this housed in a modern building site, near the Floresta da Tijuca rainforest.

Arrival information

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Arrival information

IMPA is located near the Botanical Gardens in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The address is:

Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada – IMPA

Estrada Dona Castorina, 110
Jardim Botânico
22460-320 Rio de Janeiro, RJ – Brasil
Tel: (55) (21) 2529.5000
Fax: (55) (21) 2512.4115 / 2512.4112

Leaving the airport

On leaving the airport we suggest that you take a taxi. The yellow cabs are less expensive than
the special red or blue ones, as these have special booths located inside the airport facilities.
The current fares are around R$ 50,00 to R$ 60,00,
respectively, for a trip of about 30 minutes. There are also air-conditioned
buses leaving from the blue sector, terminal 1 and 2, running from the airport to the Novo Rio Bus Station,
Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon.

Money Exchange

The Brazilian currency is called the Real (R$). Consult
for its current value. You can exchange foreign currencies at the
airport either before or after going through customs. If you plan to
exchange your money back later, you should keep the receipts. Money exchange
is also possible in many (but not all) bank branches and travel agencies. We
recommend that visitors bring along US dollars, as other currency may not be
as easy to exchange. Major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express,
etc) are usually accepted.


Short-term visitors are often lodged at the Rio Flat Apart Hotel, which
has a nice location in the Leblon district. Rooms for one or two persons
cost R$ 84, including breakfast and taxes (as of 5/21/99).

Renting an apartment may be more convenient for those staying longer. The Department
for Scientific Activities
, located in room 208 (phone: 55-21-25295277), will do its best to help you with accommodations.

Buses and Cabs

There are two bus lines running near the Institute:
line 409 (Tijuca – Jardim Botânico), line 125 (Central – Jardim Botânico).
Pay as you enter, using the rear door to get on
and the front door to get off the bus. The current bus fare is R$ 1,30 and the maximum change
given is for a R$ 5,00 bill.

Should you need a taxi, you may call one of the following cab companies:

JB Taxi (normal)

Coopatur (special) 2290.1009

Cootramo (special) 2270.1442

Coopertramo (special) 2260.2022

Coopacarioca (normal) 2253.3847

Coopataxi (normal) 2593.4343

Central de Taxi (normal) 2593.2598

Ouro Taxi (normal) 2284.8618


Newcomers should report to the Department for Scientific Activities
(DAC – Room 208) upon arrival and fill out a form in order to expedite
per diem payments. DAC will also provide you with information about office space,
login account, mailboxes and library facilities. If possible, you will be assigned a shared office
with telephone and an individual mailbox.

Identification Card

Please bring photos for your IMPA identification card that will enable you to enter IMPA at all
hours (up to a certain
point this card may substitute your passport or any other identification card).
If you don’t have a photo, please make a photocopy of the first two pages
of your passport. You will be required to leave this with the security staff at the
entrance of the building and wear a visitor’s badge until you receive your
IMPA identification card.

Working hours at IMPA

IMPA runs on a 8:30 to 5:30 schedule, Mondays
through Fridays. Once you have an IMPA ID card or an authorization
from DAC you will be able to come and go at will even at
weekends and holidays.

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Tourist Information

Please consult also:

Information about Rio de Janeiro
Travel Information

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Computer facilities

The Computer Lab for visitors at IMPA is in room
. Visitors may also use the student
lab in room 104.
These labs are equipped with Unix and Windows95 desktops.

Login Account

To obtain a login account in our Unix
System you should:

fill out a form available at DAC (room 208) containing login information
activate your login by providing a password for the account (room 101)
get your own key to the visitor’s lab (room 103)

Internet Access

The local network at IMPA is permanently
connected to the Internet. For more information about Internet services and how to obtain permission for publishing on the IMPA
website, please contact the administrative staff at DAC.

If you are staying for just a short
period and do not require a personal account, you can log onto your system,
using a telnet client from one of the PC at the lab.


IMPA provides dial-up access to the
local network for all visitors. The user must have a local account in the
system in order to use dial-up. For dial-up setup information, please contact our
technical support staff.


If you have a laptop and
intend to connect it to our network you should look for technical assistance
at the Computer System Administration Office – CIN, in room 101.

Questions and Suggestions

If you need additional technical information,
please send a message to
or contact the technical staff in room 101. Requests for non-technical information about
our computer facilities should be addressed to

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Faculty members

List of Professors

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Practical matters

Where to find

Fax machine: room 329
Stationery: room 208 and 329

Library: 2nd floor
Photocopy services: 2nd floor (near the Library)

Office Accommodations

Visitors are allocated an office that
they will normally share with another visitor. The allocation is made by
the Department for Scientific Activities in room 208.

Photocopy services

Photocopies of scientific articles
are free of charge for visitors. Photocopy of private materials will be charged
a fee.


Academic correspondence will be mailed
for you by IMPA and these should either be handed in at room 210 or placed
directly in one of the Postal Service boxes you will find located throughout
the building. Private mail should be taken directly to room 210. No stamp is required.

Library Facilities

You will have free access to books and journals but you must first register as a reader in order to take them out of the Library.

Telephone Service

Local Calls can be made directly from
your office by dialing zero, awaiting the dial tone and
then proceeding to dial the seven digit local number.

Long Distance Calls have to
be made with the aid of the telephone operator upon request of an IMPA
professor and will normally be charged to you.

Public Telephones are available on the 1st floor of the
Institute, near the elevator. Telephone cards
can be purchased at the IMPA Cafeteria.


The Cafeteria at IMPA serves sandwiches,
soft drinks and fruit juice from 8:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Hot lunches (self-service system) are available
from 11:30 to 1:00 p.m.

There is a restaurant near IMPA:

Couve-Flor, located about 20-minute walk away. It tends to get quite
crowded during lunch time, so if you go there, make sure you arrive by 12 noon.

Coffee Breaks

Coffee can be obtained any time between the hours of 9:00 and 10:00 in the morning, and 1:00 to
1:30 and 3:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. Coffee will be made available more frequently during Workshops, Colloquia and Conferences.

Secretarial Help

Secretarial help is available in room
329 or you can also make inquiries at DAC in room 208.


There is a branch of Banco do Brasil
on the premisses (Hallway, level 1), that opens at 12:00 a.m. and closes at 3:00 p.m.
This agency does not change currency. Remember to change money at some other bank agencies
or at your hotel. If you wish to change small amounts, ask to do so in room 208.

Travel Agency

There is no travel agency located on the premisses
but Rogério Silva (room 210) can assist you with timetables,
ticket confirmation and flight reservations.

Upon Leaving

Please remember to:

a) return the keys to your room, mailbox and computer laboratory;

b) return all Library books;

c) write a report of your scientific activities during your stay
at IMPA and hand it in to us in room 208.

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How to apply to visit IMPA

Please get in touch with the nearest Brazilian Consulate to find out whether you need a visa to come to Brazil. If you do, we recommend you apply for a tourist
visa, which is usually simpler to obtain, and which is enough for this purpose.

No visa is required from citizens of South-American countries. Citizens from the European Union, as well as Western European countries like Switzerland or
Norway do not need a visa either. On the other hand, US and Mexican citizens must apply for a visa to come to Brazil.

IMPA receives a good number of visitors
per year, both from Brazil and from countries around the world.
You may wish to apply to one of the following programs:

Short-term visits – a copy
of your CV and an up-dated list of publications is requested.


Visiting Fellowships – to apply
to this program, you will need to send us a copy of your CV, a research plan,
and two or three letters of recomendation.

Post-doctoral program – the
same procedure as above

<LI ALIGN=”JUSTIFY”>Summer Post-doctoral program
– This is one of the programs at IMPA that has most benefited Mathematics
in Brazil. It allows researchers from different parts of the country to work
on their reseach projects together. Besides, it
is an excellent oportunity for people from different fields in mathematics to
participate in our Seminars and Workshops. It is held every year, during the
months of January and February.

To apply to this program, you should
fill out the form that is sent to all Brazilian and Latin American universities.
Application forms can also be obtained by special request.
The deadline for all applications is at the end of October of
each year. The Curriculum Vitae and a research plan are also major requirements.

TWAS/CNPq – there is an agreement between
TWAS and the Brazilian Research Agency (CNPq) to support researchers from
developing countries (Associate Membership Scheme at Centres of Excellence).
To apply to this program, you should first contact:

Ms. Helen Grant
TWAS – Associate Membership Scheme
C/o ICTP, P.O.Box 586
Strada Costiera, 11
34100 Trieste – Italy
Fax: (39) 40 224559



The Scientific Committee at IMPA will analyze all requests. Applications for visiting and post-doctoral fellowships,
once approved, will depend on financial support from the National Research Agency

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Mailing your application

Researchers wishing to visit IMPA should get in touch with

Department for Scientific Activities (DAC)

Instituto Nacional de Matem&aacute;tica Pura e Aplicada (IMPA)
Estrada Dona Castorina, 110 – Jardim Bot&acirc;nico
22460-320 – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
e-mail :

fax: (55) (21) 2529 5019