Workshop on Contemporary Mathematics



Some open problems in the calculus of variations and elasticity
John Ball, Oxford University

Invariants of Self-intersecting curves in R3
Victor A. Vassiliev, Steklov Inst. of Math.

TSP: state and art
Martin Groetschel, TU and ZIB Berlin

Quantization of contact manifolds
Masaki Kashiwara, Kyoto University

The curve counting problem
Ragni Piene, Univ. of Oslo

Quasi-regular Dirichet Forms and Stochastic Analysis on Configuration Spaces
Zhi-Ming Ma, Ac. of Math and Syst. Sciences, Inst. of Applied Math. – CAS

The hypoelliptic Laplacian
Jean-Michel Bismut, Université Paris-Sud

Dynamics in the moduli space of Abelian differentials
Marcelo Viana, IMPA