International Conference on Dynamical Systems, Celebrating the 70th anniversary of Jacob Palis

Búzios, Rio de Janeiro, de 25/02 até 05/03

For the last two decades or so, the Dynamics group at IMPA has been organizing international conferences on a roughly quadrennial basis. In this year’s edition we take the occasion to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Jacob Palis.

By now a tradition has been set for broad meetings, covering most active topics and attracting many of very best researchers in the field. As in the previous editions, we expect plenty of interesting new developments to be presented at the conference.

Armação dos Búzios, 150 km south of Rio de Janeiro, is a lovely beach resort, made worldwide famous by none other than French icon Brigitte Bardot. In addition to the exciting scientific program, we hope you will enjoy the atmosphere of the place. Welcome to Brazil and to the 2010 International Conference on Dynamical Systems!


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