Nonlinear PDE's@IMPA

IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, de 02/08 até 06/08, 2010  

The field of nonlinear partial differential equations has experienced a striking evolution over the last twenty years in Brazil. The number of PhD’s and students has increased creating a critical mass. To enhance this process it is fundamental to promote a scientific interchange with researchers who are leaders in the field. This is the aim of the workshop which will allow the local community to attend to lectures of recent and important progresses in the field delivered by renowned specialists. This is the second edition of the workshop Nonlinear PDE’s @ IMPA. The first edition was held in August 4-8, 2008 and was attended by some of the most prominent experts in nonlinear dispersive equations and nonlinear hyperbolic systems of conservation laws. It was also attended by a great number of graduate students and young PhD’s. As in the previous edition we encourage the participation of graduate students and young PhD’s in this coming meeting.

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