International Conference on Dynamical Systems - 2013

Semestre Temático – Dynamics Beyond Uniform Hyperbolicity

IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, de 24/11 até 29/11


Marie Claude Arnaud – Univ. de Avignon (UAV)
Tonelli Hamiltonians with no conjugate points and $C^0$-integrability.

Artur Avila (IMPA)
Estimates for locally stationary measures

Christian Bonatti (Dijon (MB)
Wildness, partial hyperbolicity, flexible points, and topology of the classes (Joint work with Katsutoshi Shinohara).

Abed Bounemoura (Univ. Paris-Sud – PSUD)
Generic fast diffusion for some non-convex integrable Hamiltonians.

Sylvain Crovisier (Paris XI – Orsay (PARIS XI)
Horseshoes with large stable set.

Lorenzo Díaz (PUC-Rio)
Abundant rich phase transitions in step skew products.

Stefano Galatolo (Dipartimento di Matematica di Pisa)
Rigorous computation of invariant measures and Lyapunov exponents.

Andy Hammerlindl (University of Sydney)
Anaylsing slow-fast systems using spectral properties.

Silvius Klein (Fac. Ciencias Univ. Lisboa)
Continuity of the Lyapunov exponents for analytic, quasi-periodic, linear co-cycles.

Andres Koropecki (UFF)
Invariant islands for surface homeomorphisms.

Patrice Le Calvez (Jussieu)
About the homological discrete Conley index of isolated invariant acyclic continua.

Marco Lenci (Universitá di Bologna)
Global observables and infinite mixing.

Roberto Markarian (IMERL)
A general result on ergodicity of plane billiards.

Maria José Pacífico (UFRJ)
Attractors with spiral geometry.

Rafael Potrie (Universidad de la Republica , Uruguai)
Geometry of the strong foliations in partially hyperbolic attractors.

Alvaro Rovella (Univ. de la Repuclica, Urugaui)
Dynamics of covering maps of the annulus.

Domokos Szász (Budapest Univ. of Technology)
Fourier´s law of heat conduction from microscopic principles.

Ali Tahzibi (Usp-São Carlos)
Minimal yet measurable foliations.

Raul Ures (Imerl)
On the robustness of intermingled basins.

Marcelo Viana (IMPA)
Rigidity of symplectic diffeomorphisms

Jiagang Yang (UFF)
Gibbs cu-states and applications.

Salvador Zanatta (IME-USP)
Diffeomorphisms of the torus whose rotation sets have non empty interiors.




Invited Speakers

Artur Avila – (IMPA)
Marie Claude Arnaud – Univ. de Avignon (UAV)
Christian Bonatti – Dijon (IMB)
Abed Bounemoura – Univ. Paris-Sud (PSUD)
Sylvain Crovisier – Paris XI – Orsay (PARIS XI)
Lorenzo Díaz – (Puc-Rio) Stefano Galatolo – Dipartimento di Matematica di Pisa (UNIPI)
Andrew  Hammerlindl – University of Sydney
Silvius Klein – Fac. Ciencias Univ. Lisboa (FCUL)
Andres Koropecki – (UFF)
Patrice Le Calvez – (Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie)
Marco Lenci (Universitá di Bologna)
Mikhail Lyubich – (SUNYSB)
Roberto Markarian – (Imerl)
M.J. Pacífico (UFRJ)
Rafael Potrie – Universidad de la Republica (CMAT)
Alvaro Rovella – Centro Matemática – Universidad de la Republica (CMAT)
Domokos Szasz – Eotvos University Budapest (ELTE)
Ali Tahzibi – (USP-S. Carlos)
Raul Ures – (Imerl)
Marcelo Viana – (IMPA)
Jiagang Yang – (UFF)
Salvador Zanatta – (IME – USP)

Organizing Committee

Carlos Gustavo Moreira (IMPA)
Enrique Pujals (IMPA)
Marcelo Viana(IMPA)


Marie Claude Arnaud (Avignon)
Christian Bonatti (Dijon)
Sylvain Crovisier (Paris)
Stefano Galatolo (Pisa)
Marcel Guardia (Maryland) *
Andrew Hammerlindl (Sydney)
Francisco Javier Valenzuela Henriquez (Valaparaiso) *
Maria Alejandra Rodriguez Hertz (Uruguai – Imerl) *
Silvius Klein (Lisbon)
Alejandro Kocsard (UFF)
Andres Koropecki (UFF)
Rafael Labarca (Santiago)
Patrice Le Calvez (Jussieu)
Mikhail Lyubich (Stony Brook)
Alejandro Maass (Santiago de Chile)
Marco Martens (Stony Brook)
Roberto Markarian (Montevideo)
Meysam Nassiri (Teerã)
Andrés Navas (Santiago do Chile)
Rafael Potrie (CMAT)
Juan Rivera (Santiago do Chile)
Martin Sambarino (Montevideo)
Daniel Smania (ICMC – USP)
Sebastian van Strien (London)
Domokos Szasz (Budapest)
Raúl Ures (Uruguai – Imerl) *
Jiagang Yang (UFF)
Jean-Christophe Yoccoz (Paris) *

(*) To be confirmed

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Registered Participants



Partially hyperbolic dynamics
Homoclinic tangencies and heteroclinic cycles
Non-uniformly hyperbolic dynamics
Linear cocycles and Lyapunov exponents
Conservative dynamics, Lagrangean systems
Dynamics of singular attractors
Surface homeomorphisms
Physical measures and equilibrium states

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