XIX School on Differential Geometry

IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, July 18 – 22

Conference Venue

IMPA is located in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, near the Tijuca Forest and the Botanical Gardens, 20 minutes from major hotels of Leblon and Ipanema. You can find our address and some practical information about how to get to the institution below.

On leaving the airport we suggest that you take a taxi. There are several companies that have booths located inside the airport facilities, on the way out. A ride to South Zone costs around R$120 to R$150 and takes about 50 minutes. There are also special buses leaving from Terminals 1 and 2, whose routes you can find here
How to get to IMPA:

From the airport


There are three bus lines running near the Institute:

  • 409 – Saens Peña – Horto (via Lapa)
  • 416 – Saens Peña – Jardim Botânico (Horto) (via Túnel Rebouças)

You can check which buses line is the best for you by clicking here.

The passenger must pay as they enter, using the front door to get on the bus and the rear door to get off the bus. The bus fare is R$ 3,80 and the maximum change given is for a R$ 20,00 bill.

Should you prefer to use a taxi, we suggest the following companies:

MAP of the area


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Contributed Talk

Plenary Speakers


Mini Course


Given the predictable limitations of support from funding agencies and the desire to have the largest possible number of participants, the committee strongly recommend the person to try to get funding for travel and per diem of their own home institutions.

Registration fee


Category Fee
Researchers and Professors (Ph.D’s) R$ 250,00
Students (Master and Ph.D) R$ 100.00
IMPA’s Students R$ 50.00


Organizing and Scientific Committee

Organizing Committee:

José Espinar (IMPA)
Gregorio Pacelli Bessa (UFC)
Walcy Santos (UFRJ)

Scientific Committee:

José Espinar (IMPA)
Laurent Hauswirth (Université de Marne-la-Vallée)
David Hoffman (Stanford University)
Paolo Piccione (IME – USP)
Keti Tenenblat (ABC)

Invited Speakers

Mikhail Belolipetski (IMPA, Brazil)
Counting Manifolds

José Antonio Gálvez (Universidad de Granada, Spain)
Uniqueness of immersed spheres in three-manifolds, and a conjecture by Alexandrov

David Hoffman (Stanford University, USA)
Limit laminations in euclidean and hyperbolic space

Jorge Lira (UFC, Brazil)
Mean curvature solitons in warped products

Paul Laurain (université Paris Diderot, France)
Energy levels of the Willmore Functional and new compactness result

Fernando Codá Marques (Princeton University, USA)
Morse index and multiplicity of min-max minimal hypersurfaces

Laurent Mazet (CNRS, France)
Harmonic diffeomorphisms onto hyperbolic surfaces

William Meeks (University of Massachusetts, USA)
Recent progress in the theory of constant mean curvature surfaces

Richard Schoen (University of California, Irvine)
Steklov eigenvalues and free boundary minimal surfaces

Brian White (Stanford University, USA)
A dichotomy theorem for minimal surfaces

Detang Zhou (UFF, Brazil)
Spectrum of the drifted Laplacian on Ricci solitons and MCF solitons

Remi Langevin (Université de Bourgogne, France)
Profiles near an isolated singular point


The XIX School of Differential Geometry offers the following minicourses:

Mini-Course 1: Rafael Montezuma (Princeton University, USA)
Min-Max Theory


Mini-Course 2: Mariel Saez (PUC, Chile)
Geometric Flows

Mini-Course 3: Laurent Hauswirth (Université Marne-la-Vallée)
Harmonic maps and minimal surfaces in homogeneous spaces



Approved Posters

Abraão Caetano Mendes (ICE-UFAM)
On weak form of Peano´s theorem in the infinitedimensional case

Adrian Vinícius Castro Ribeiro (ICE-UFAM)
Rigidez de Hipersuperfícies Mínimas de Esferas com Curvatura de Ricci Constante

Adriana Cintra (UFG-CAJ)
Minimal surfaces in 4-dimensional Lorentzian Damek-Ricci spaces

Aldir Brasil (UFC)
Stability index jump for constant mean curvature hypersurfaces of spheres

Aline Zanardini (UFPR)
Characteristic Classes Associated to Dirac Structures

Almir Silva (UFS)
Solutions to the Singular σ2-Yamabe Problem with Isolated Singularities

Antonio Airton Freitas Filho (ICE-UFAM)
On the construction of gradient Ricci soliton warped product

Antonio Wilson Rodrigues da Cunha (UFPI)
Estimates of the first Steklov eigenvalue of properly embedded minimal hypersurface with free boundary

Apoenã Passos Passamani (UFES)
On the biharmonic curves in the special linear group SL(2,R)

Benedito Leandro Neto (Univ. Fed. do Oeste da Bahia)
Generalized Quasi-Einstein Manifolds with Harmonic Anti-Self Dual Weyl Tensor

Carlos José Matheus (UEPG)
Symplectic Geometry and Contact Structures

Clebes N. Brandão (UFAM)
Convexity of the Non-Negative Sectional Curvatures Euclidean n-dimensional Hypersurfaces

Clément Maria (UQ)
Normal surfaces and polynomial computation of quantum invariants of 3-manifolds

Eraldo Almeida Lima Júnior (UFPB)
Maximal surfaces in certain Lorentzian products

Fábio Reis dos Santos (UFCG)
Rigidity of linear Weingarten hypersurfaces in locally symmetric manifolds

Fernanda Alves Caixeta (FACIP/UFU)
Superfície Mínima de Bour em E3: Uma interessante generalização

Flávio F. Cruz (URCA)
On the existence of radial graphs with constant scalar curvature

Hudson Pina de Oliveira (UNB)
Generalized Quasi Yamabe Gradient Solitons

Israel Evangelista (UFPI)
On compact almost Ricci soliton with Cotton tensor identically zero

João Francisco da Silva Filho (UNILAB)
Quasi-Einstein Manifolds Endowed with a Parallel Vector Field

José Nazareno Vieira Gomes (UFAM)
Triviality of compact m-quasi-Einstein manifolds

Juliana Ferreira Ribeiro de Miranda (UFAM)
Eigenvalue estimates for a class of elliptic differential operators in divergence form

Luiz Carlos Barbosa da Silva (UFPE)
Characterization of Curves that Lie on a Surface in Euclidean Space

Lumena Paula de Jesus Borges (UnB)
Curvas de Interseção entre duas Superfícies no Espaço de Lorentz-Minkowski

Marco Antonio Lazaro Velazquez (UFCG)
Entire Conformal Killing Graphs in Foliated Riemannian Spaces

Marcos Paulo Tassi (UFSC) with Guilhermo A. Lobos (UFSCAR) and Alvaro Yucra Huanco (UFT)
Pseudo-Parallel Surfaces of S3 x R and H3 x R

Miriam Telichevesky (UFRS)
Minimal graphs over unbounded domains of Hadamard manifolds

Neilha Pinheiro (UFC)
An Alexandrov-Fenchel-Type inequality in Sn

Patricia Klaser (UFRS)
Constant mean curvature surfaces in H2 x R with boundary in two parallel planes

Rafael Diógenes (UNILAB)
Four-Manifolds with Pinched Positive Sectional Curvature

Renato Tolentino De Sene (UNIUBE)
Invariant Geometry of Lie Groups

Rodrigo Ristow Montes (UFPR)
Flat Contact Angle Surfaces in the Heisenberg Group H3

Rose Santos (UFAM)
First variation of the Hausdor measure of non-horizontal submanifolds in sub-Riemannian stratified Lie groups

Samuel Canevari (UFS)
Isometric immersions of space forms into Sn x R

Sergey Agafonov (UNESP)
Quasilinear systems with linearizable characteristic webs

Simon G. Chiossi (UFF)
Facets of Kähler-Hermitian Surfaces

Tarcísio Castro Silva (UnB)
Third order differential equations and local isometric immersions of pseudospherical surfaces


Contributed Talk

Álvaro Krüger Ramos (UFRS)
Finite Topology Surfaces Of Constant Mean Curvature In Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds

Index and topology of minimal hypersurfaces in Rn

Da Rong Cheng (STANFORD)
A Compactness Result for Energy-‐minimizing Harmonic Maps with Rough Domain Metric

Dimas Percy Abanto Silva (IMPA)
Geometric View of Conformally Invariant Equations

Ernani Ribeiro Jr (UFC)
Noncompact Steady Quasi-Einstein Manifolds

Ezequiel Barbosa (UFMG)
New gap results on closed 4-dimensional Riemannian manifolds

Henrique Sá Earp (Unicamp)
G2-metrics on Calabi-Yau links

Lucas Ambrozio (Imperial College London)
Morse index and Betti numbers of compact minimal hypersurfaces

Marco Aurelio Mendez Guaraco (IMPA)
Min-max methods and the space of solutions of the Allen-Cahn equation on closed manifolds

Marcos P. Cavalcante (UFAL)
Uniqueness Theorems for Fully Nonlinear Conformal Equations on Subdomains of the Sphere

Nicolau Sarquis Aiex (IC)
The width of Ellipsoids

Plinio G. P. Murillo (IMPA)
Systole of Congruence Coverings of Hilbert Modular Varieties

Ronaldo Freire De Lima (UFRN)
Geometrical and Analytical Properties of Chebyshev Sets in Riemannian Manifolds

Ruy Tojeiro de Figueiredo Jr (UFSCAR)
Conformally flat hypersurfaces of R4 with three distinct principal curvatures

Vanderson Lima (IMPA)
Area Estimates and Rigidity of Non-compact H-Surfaces in 3-Manifolds



Poster / Talk Submission

Deadline: Poster / Talk Submission: 30/05/2016

Besides the main lectures, there will be Contributed talks and posters. We would like to invite the interested to submit abstracts for these presentations. The abstract should be no longer than 2 pages in PDF.
Be sure your abstract includes the title, and all author names and affiliation, indicating who is going to present.

It is strongly recommended that the following template be used to produce the pdf file:

Please click here to download the template.
Please send the abstract by e-mail to: egd2016@impa.br



Suggested Accommodations

Suggested Accommodations

The organization of the XIX School of Differential Geometry recommends the Everest Park Hotel:

Rio de Janeiro has a large number of hotels. Lately, for the main congresses, we have been using Hotel Acapulco, Everest Rio Hotel, Everest Park Hotel, Hotel Debret, Hotel Vermont, among others. To take advantage of IMPA´s special rate, please contact Ms. Michele Leite at MMX Eventos – micheleleite@mmxcongressos.com – phone: + 55 21 2210-1732 or visit their homepage at: http://www.mmxcongressos.com/?lang=en

We also indicate a very good cost/benefit hotel in Copacabana: Residencial Apart Hotel – http://www.apartt.com.br/english/index.htm
Please contact the Hotel directly.

For other type of accommodation like hostels and bed and breakfast, we suggest the following:

Pouso Verde Bed & Breakfast (very close to IMPA and strongly recommended)
Rua Caminhoá, 14 – Jardim Botânico
Tel: + 55 21 2529-2942 , + 55 21 99971-0511
e-mail: pousoverde@globo.com



Meiai Hostel:
R. Guilhermina Guinle, 127 – Botafogo Tel: 55(21) 3495-4481


Pousada Girassol

Travessa Angrense, 25 A – Copacabana (entre Santa Clara e Raimundo Correa)
Tel: 55(21)2256-6951 / Fax: 55(21) 2286-5652


Lagoa Guest House
Rua do Humaitá, 392 – Humaitá
Tel: 55(21) 3518-9000
E-mail: contato@lagoaguesthouse.com


Che Lagarto Ipanema
Rua Paul Redfern 48 – Ipanema
Tel: 55(21) 2512-8076


Leblon Spot (associado à Hostelling International)
Rua Dias Ferreira, 626 – Leblon
Tel: 55(21) 2137-0090
E-mail: contact@leblonspot.com

Please check availability and prices directly with them



Hotels and Flats – Rio de Janeiro




List of registered participants


Visa Information

The Brazilian visa system operates under a strict reciprocity policy. That means that all citizens from countries which require visas from Brazilians will have to obtain visas to attend the conference. Beware that to attend a scientific conference in Brazil a tourist visa suffices. Source: Consulate General of Brazil

Foreign participants should get in touch with the nearest Brazilian Consulate (click on the map) to find out whether a visa is required.
Here you find the list of nationalities that are exempt from this requirement, see also the official Ministry of Tourism page, that includes the whole of the European Union and Mercosur. Those who do need visa should note that a tourist visa suffices for the conference attendance; for more information about Brazil, visit the official Brazilian Institute of Tourism website.

In case you need an invitation letter, please contact us: dac@impa.br

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